Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Docker Notes - setting up a lisp container

These notes are to help serve as a reminder for how I setup / played with Docker to host a lisp environment client.

In a new directory create a file called 'Dockerfile' and populate as follows:

FROM centos
MAINTAINER Stephen Shorrock
# Install sbcl
RUN rpm -Uvh
RUN yum install -y sbcl

Then in that same directory build the docker image/container:

docker build -t="sbcl" ./

Once built run the container as a new bash shell:

docker run -i -t sbcl /bin/bash

start lisp:


or run the sbcl interpreter striaght away:

docker run -i -t sbcl sbcl

You could even run a lisp script on the local drive by mounting a path, eg if your script was /tmp/myscripts/script1.lisp

eg (content of /tmp/myscripts/script1.lisp)

(write-line "Hello, World!")

docker run -i -v /tmp/myscripts:lisp_scripts -t sbcl sbcl --script lisp_scripts/script1.lisp

#: Hello, World!


once finished exit lisp


and quit the docker container:

Ctrl-P Ctrl-Q

To attach back into the container, find the id of the running container

sudo docker ps

Then attach back:

sudo docker attach

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