Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Including emoji / unicode characters to email subject from a scipt

💣 Time to add special characters to your email subjects

I came across this problem when someone asked for emails from my web application to stand out in their inbox.  The emails were informing a user that an alarm had gone off and they would like a bomb or similar to appear in their inbox. 

After a bit of googling and finding many sites that explained how to do this manually (cut and paste characters or using particular 'clipboard' style tools).  I figured out the answer of how to embed the unicode into the message.

So given my script (a nodejs application) I followed the recipe below:

Find the character the user is interested in for example search a site like

Once you have found the required character locate the UTF-8 (hex string) in the case of the alarm clock ( 'e28fb0'

Embed this in the subject string via: =?UTF-8?Q?=E2=8F=B0?= (ie enclose the hex in =?UTF-8?Q?= and ?=).

Send message and as long as their mail agent supports the character hey hoe!

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